Resource Limit Exceeded
Andy James
Dec-12th, 2016 23:51
Many of our servers are running an operating system known as CloudLinux. The benefit to clients hosted on a CloudLinux server is that the system's resources cannot be monopolised by one user which ensures a fair use to all accounts/websites hosted. Shared hosting fundamentally means that you are sharing a server with others but with CloudLinux, sharing a server with others means that all users should get an equal share of the server resources based on their shared hosting plan choice.

When your site or sites display a "Resource Limit Exceeded" message, your user account has either exceeded the process limit or the memory limit. When your user account activity no longer exceeds one or more of these limits, your sites will function as normal. If your account reaches the CPU limit, your sites will continue to load but they may load slower than normal.

If you see the "Resource Limit Exceeded" message for an extended period of time, please contact us and we will determine which limit has been exceeded and discuss possible courses of action.
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